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Aims and Objectives

The aim of the society is to educate members of the public through professional living history displays here at home and also overseas.  We strive to encourage and promote interest and understanding of ALL Irish Regiments involved with the First World War and up to partition. As well, we hope, to remind people of the sacrifices made by Irishmen and their families in what was believed to be the war to end all wars. We remember the 230,000* Irishmen that fought in the Great War, the 45,000* that were killed in action and the numerous forgotten men that died from their wounds many, many years after the war ended.

Our motto is;

Cuimhnigh - Meas - tOnórach, which when translated from Gaelic to English means, Remember - Respect - Honour.

(*These figures vary depending on the source. In fact, Irish sources suggest these figures are higher. Also, they do not include men and women that served with colonial and other allied armies, nor do they include Irish decendants that served with other forces)  

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